10 Situations for Writing a New Press Release

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Press release distribution is a strategy all companies can benefit from. By writing high quality press releases, you can spread your message through the media as well as directly to potential buyers. It’s a highly effective way to build brand awareness, position yourself as a thought leader, and to attract more sales.

However, many companies don’t issue press releases on a consistent basis. Why? They say they don’t have any news to report.

I disagree. More times than not, there’s something going on at your company that’s worth talking about. There’s always a story to be told. You just have to find an interesting angle to capture the attention of your readers.

Here are 10 situations when your company should issue a press release.

  1. Your company is launching a new product—8 out of every 10 products launched in the United States will fail. When you’re launching a new product, the odds are stacked against you. You need to do everything you can to spread the word and generate interest in your new product. Press release distribution can help.
  2. You’re releasing the results of a new study—Case studies and other research make for great press release fodder. Just make sure your results are accurate and unbiased. In other words, don’t use them as a thinly-veiled advertisement.
  3. Your business has ties to a current event—Is there a popular news story that you can tie your business to? If so, you need to act fast while it’s still relevant and send out a press release detailing your ties to this story.
  4. You wish to comment on industry trends—Are things changing in your industry? Do you have predictions (based on facts…don’t make a fool of yourself) of where the industry is headed? Position yourself as an industry expert by commenting on the latest trends.
  5. You’ve received an award or certification—Awards and certifications enhance your credibility, and they are good topics for press releases. Share your successes with the world!
  6. Your company is growing—Growth shows that your company is healthy and thriving. Whether you’re hiring more employees, adding new services, or moving into a new, bigger building, your growth makes for a great story.
  7. You’re involved with a charitable cause—Consumers and reporters love to hear about brands aligning themselves with charities. It humanizes your company, and it’s always a good way to generate positive publicity.
  8. You’re offering something free—Do you have a new eBook or whitepaper you’re offering for free? Maybe you’re offering a free trial of your services. Write a press release about these freebies to generate more interest in your company.
  9. You have strange news to share—News of the weird is always a good way to get press coverage. Like when Burger King launched the world’s most expensive hamburger. It was a gimmick and strange, but it got a lot of media attention.
  10. Your employees have an interesting story—Are your employees involved in any after-work charitable causes? Do they have inspirational stories and unique backgrounds? Your employees can prove to be interesting topics for news coverage.

What are some other good topics for press releases? Share your best ideas by leaving a comment.

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10 Situations for Writing a New Press Release, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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