Your Contact Form Might Not Be Enough for Lead Generation

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The contact form has become the staple for websites designed to capture leads. Contact forms are placed prominently on landing pages and other areas of the site to get people to sign up to request more information or for some other purpose.

And while contact forms can be very effective for capturing leads (I get a high number of leads on my own website forms each week), the truth is that forms alone usually aren’t enough. If you want to convert more visitors into qualified leads, you need more than a fancy, well-placed contact form.

Here are some other things you can do to capture more leads.

  1. Have a live chat feature—A live chat app on your website offers an instant way to interact with site visitors and push them toward conversion. Visitors can either click on the live chat button to instantly speak with a customer service representative, or you can actually pop in to chat with your visitors to see if they need help (give them a little time to read the page before you pop in and interrupt them).
  2. Offer a free download—Whitepapers, eBooks, webinars, demos, and other freebies are highly effective tools for capturing leads on websites. Just remember one thing—Simply placing a “free” tag on something won’t automatically get people excited enough to sign up for it. You still need to give them an incentive to take that action.
  3. Focus on improving your calls to action—More times than not, when a website isn’t converting well, the calls to action are at least partially to blame. A good call to action is short and to the point. It tells people exactly what you want them to do. Make sure your calls to action stand out from the rest of the website so that your visitors’ eyes are drawn to them.
  4. Experiment with call to action placement—Simply having a strong call to action won’t be enough to get the conversion. The placement of the call to action matters. I like to make sure that a call to action is present within every screen view of a page. That way, no matter what part of the page the visitor is on, they have a way to take action.
  5. Prominently place your phone number—Some prospects still prefer to pick up the phone and actually talk to someone at your company. Having a phone number on your website can be helpful for getting more leads, and it can make your company seem a bit more reputable.

These are just a few of the simple changes you can make to start capturing more leads on your website. What are some other tips you’d add?

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