Why Marketing Speak Has No Place In Press Releases

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Recently, Adam Sherk did some research and came up with a list of the most overused buzzwords and marketing speak in press releases. For anyone who writes press releases or companies that use them, this list is an eye-opener and a definite must read. It’s a good reminder that marketing speak has no place in press releases, and it’s a handy checklist for making sure it hasn’t sneaked in without you realizing it.

But why doesn’t marketing speak have a place in your press releases? After all, isn’t the end goal of press release distribution to create a buzz and, you know, market your company?

Sure, you want to get your name out there, but that doesn’t mean you should treat press releases like advertisements. They’re not. They’re news, not ads. And last time I checked, marketing speak and buzzwords have no place in legitimate news.

And if you’re actually aiming to get your press releases picked up by worthwhile media outlets, you’d better steer clear of any and all marketing speak. Remember, reporters are interested in finding good stories and interesting news. They’re not interested in marketing your company. And with the typical reporter receiving as many as hundreds of press releases each week, you can be sure that if yours is filled with buzzwords, it will find its way into the trash can.

How can you make sure your press release is free of any marketing speak?

  • Avoid superlatives—Press releases aren’t the place for exaggerations. So, stay away from words like “leader”, “best”, “top”, “greatest”, and other words that are “the most” of something. Believe it or not, not every company can be the “leader” or the “best.” So, play it straight.
  • Check out the buzzword list—Earlier in this post, I linked out to a list of the most overused buzzwords in press releases. Take the time to read over that list. Hell, print it out and use it as a checklist every time you send out a press release.
  • Use keywords instead—Press releases can be very helpful for SEO press releases. So, instead of stuffing them full of buzzwords, try using important keywords in the press releases headline, subhead, and body. Just make sure you don’t fall into any of the common SEO press release pitfalls.
  • Focus on the facts—News is about fact, not opinion. So, if you can’t back something up, don’t include it in your press release. Just the facts, please.

Are you guilty of slipping marketing lingo into your press releases?

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