Testimonials: The Beauty is in the Details

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Testimonials are an essential tool for building trust with your customers online. The simple truth is that people who come across your website just don’t trust you yet. But they do trust their peers, and when they see you have recommendations from them, they’re likelier to listen to what you have to say.

Of course, not all testimonials are created equal. The most effective testimonials are those that other customers can relate with. These are testimonials that let a potential customer see that someone else was in the same position as him, chose to do business with your company, and is now much better off for it.

In short, the beauty is in the details. It’s no longer enough to have a bunch of testimonials that just say “Thanks ABC Company for helping me out” or “ABC Company did a great job!” Instead, you need testimonials with more context and more background to them.

A truly great testimonial talks about:

  1. What problem the customer was facing—Chances are the customer reading this testimonial is also facing similar problems. This lets them see that the person giving the testimonials was pretty much in the same situation they’re in right now.
  2. What reservations they had about buying your product—Every customer has objections and obstacles they have to overcome before they feel comfortable making a purchase. By seeing that other customers faced the same obstacles, it sets them up to be more receptive for the solution presented in the testimonial.
  3. Why making the purchase was a good decision—This is important because it shows how any reservations they had about buying your product were unfounded.
  4. What they liked most about your product—This is where you start getting into the really nice details. By seeing what the customer truly liked about your product, they often bring out benefits that speak to customers who are currently on the fence about making the purchase.
  5. Why they would recommend it to others—Time and time again, studies have shown that customers trust other customers. So, when a customer recommends your product, other customers will take notice.

A testimonial that hits on all 5 of these points is far more powerful than the generic “Good job ABC Company!”, don’t you think?

Take a look at the testimonials on your website. Are they lacking in details?

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Testimonials: The Beauty is in the Details, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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