Keep Marketing Even When You Don’t Need To

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One of the toughest lessons I learned early on in running my own business is that you can never stop marketing yourself. It’s easy to get comfortable when everything is running smoothly with your company and you’re experiencing success, but things are constantly changing, so you have to keep marketing your company if you want to continue enjoying success.

It’s also easy to get so caught up in running your business that you forget to set aside time to promote it. You have to set aside time every single day for marketing your business. Your marketing is just as important as the work you’re doing for your clients, so don’t neglect it.

Here are some of the reasons you have to always be marketing your business, even when you’re experiencing success and don’t think you need to.


  • Marketing takes time to work—The marketing you’re doing right now may take several months to start producing results. If you want to continue to enjoy the success you’re having now, you have to keep marketing your business aggressively so you’ll have a solid foundation for future success and growth.
  • Just because business is good now doesn’t mean it always will be—In business, there are always highs and lows. Not to rain on your parade, but just because things are really great at this moment doesn’t mean that your business won’t slip into a valley a few months from now. That’s why you can’t get comfortable with your current success. You have to keep working to maintain it.
  • It’s important to stay relevant—Consumers have shorter attention spans than ever before. If you suddenly stop marketing your business, you’ll disappear, and everyone will soon begin to forget about you. When that happens, your customer base will dissipate and your lack of relevance will kill your business.
  • You have competition—Every business has competition. And if you want to keep your competitors from stealing your target customers, you have to aggressively promote your business and reach out to potential customers. Your competitors are marketing their companies, so you have to do it as well if you want to stay in the fight.
  • Marketing isn’t a one-time task—Too many times, companies will do “a little marketing” and think that’s enough to help them grow and prosper. Marketing isn’t a one-time task. It’s an ongoing process. Every day, you need to be spending time building relationships with customers and prospects, finding new ways to generate leads, building your brand’s credibility and name recognition, and strategizing for future success.


Have you ever made the mistake of slacking off on your marketing? Share your experiences by leaving a comment below.


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Keep Marketing Even When You Don’t Need To, 4.5 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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