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It’s the 6 little words that never cease to make me shake my head in frustration, disappointment, and disbelief. Whenever I’m interviewing a client to help get an idea of how I can make the copy on their website really separate them from the competition and convert visitors into customers, the response I’m looking for is not “Just make it like this site” with a link to one of their competitors.

Unfortunately, it’s something that happens far more often than you might think.

Why does it bother me so much when clients want me to just mimic the copy of one of their competitors? It’s certainly not because it’s hard work, because it’s actually a lot easier to rip off someone else than to think of something new. And it’s not an ego thing, I don’t write copy to stroke my own ego, I do it to help companies grow (and of course, to line my own pockets).

The reasons I get upset when a client gives me no other direction than to “just make it like this site” are simple.

  • By making your copy sound exactly like that of your competition, you’re going to be just another average company that no one cares about. If you’re the same as the competition, why the hell should anyone do business with you?
  • By being just like the competition, you’re never going to build a loyal customer base. That’s all there is to it. Customers will see you as the same as everyone else, so it doesn’t really matter to them who they choose.
  • By mimicking the copy of your competitors, you’re limiting its effectiveness. You won’t out-convert them, and you probably won’t outrank them.

Truly great marketing is about being different. It’s not about trying to blend in with the competition. It’s about disrupting your industry and setting your brand apart. It’s about being remarkable, and it’s about making it clear to your customers that there’s no other business like yours.

So, the next time your company is doing anything marketing-related, instead of playing it safe and being like everyone else, focus on standing out from the crowd. That’s when you’ll start to see the best results.

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