How to Make a Splash with Your Free eBook

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Marketing a free eBook can yield numerous benefits, including increased brand awareness, more email subscribers, and improved authority in your field. To get the most out of your free eBook marketing, follow these simple tips.

  • Create a killer title—Without a great title, no one will take the time to download your eBook, even if it’s free. Your title needs to be catchy, descriptive, and compelling. It should speak to your target audience and immediately grab their interest.
  • Write a quality eBook—Too many companies market free eBooks that are really nothing more than a glorified blog post. If you want readers to talk about your eBook and share it with their friends, give them something special. Make it at least several pages in length so it feels like something you actually put some thought and effort into.
  • Pair the eBook with other content—To make your free download really irresistible, pair it with a free video or audio series. This makes the deal even more attractive, and it will get you more downloads.
  • Send it out for review to other blogs—An eBook with positive reviews will generate interest. This means more downloads and a stronger email list for you. Send out your eBook to other blogs in your niche to ask for reviews. You might be surprised by how many bloggers will grant your wish. This also exposes you to a new audience.
  • Design a cover—Many people are visual. They like to see things before getting them (even if it’s free). Designing a cover for your eBook makes it feel more tangible, and it also helps it to feel like a professional book. Remember, people do judge books by their cover, so don’t just throw some design together.
  • Make it easy to share—Let those who download your eBook easily share the file with their friends. Ease of sharing can create a viral effect, building a buzz around you and your brand.
  • Offer different file formats—Putting your eBook in different formats ensures as many people as possible can enjoy it. Your eBook can be made available in text format, Word document, PDF file, and HTML.


Have you marketed a free eBook? What tips would you add to this list? Leave a comment with your suggestions.

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