How to Improve Relationships with Your Best Customers

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You might not say it, but you know that not all your customers are created equal. Some bring more value to your business than others. And you know that the key to really growing your business is to increase loyalty among your top customers, so you can keep your best customers and attract more like them.

But relationships are tricky. Keeping your best customers happy and loyal is going to take some work on your part. It’s just like any other relationship. You can’t just ignore your wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend and expect everything to be hunky dory; you have to put time and effort into keeping the relationship strong.

With a romantic partner, that might mean going out on a date or just spending quiet time together talking, but how can you keep the spark alive with a customer?


  • Keep regular contact—You can’t build a relationship without communication. Think about it. If you go a long time without seeing or speaking to a friend, things just aren’t the same when you see them again, right? The relationship weakens without regular communication. That’s why you have to keep in touch with your best customers. Check in with them regularly, connect with them on Twitter and Facebook, send them holiday cards, invite them to events…do whatever you have to do to stay in touch so the relationship doesn’t fizzle out.
  • Always deliver above and beyond expectations—One of the keys to keeping a romantic relationship fresh and exciting is to “wow” your partner from time to time by doing something truly amazing for them. The same goes for keeping customer relationships strong. You have to “wow” customers every time, and the best way to do this is to always exceed expectations. Give them an experience they’ll never forget.
  • Ask for feedback—Show your best customers that you care what they think by asking for their feedback. They can suggest ways to make your company even better. Just make sure that you’re actually taking their feedback into consideration and implementing the good ideas; otherwise, it’s all for nothing.
  • Reward them—Loyalty should be rewarded. There are many different ways you can reward your best customers, including giving them discounts, service/product upgrades, exclusive information, and much more.


What do you do to keep relationships strong with your best customers?

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How to Improve Relationships with Your Best Customers, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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