How to Handle Customers Who Are Serial Complainers

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If you’ve been in business for any significant amount of time, you’ve likely dealt with a serial complainer. The serial complainer is the customer who is always complaining. No matter what the situation, they always seem to have something to gripe about, and it probably seems like you’re always busting your butt to come up with a way to please them.

Let’s face it—serial complainers are a pain. They never stop whining, and you’re never going to truly make them happy. Of course, they are your customers and you can’t just completely ignore them. You have to deal with the situation in some form or fashion, so here are some tips to help you deal with these oh-so-charming individuals.


  • Find a quick and easy way to please them—You don’t want to spend a long time going back and forth with serial complainers. The sooner you can get them out of your hair, the better. So try to figure out what they want, and if it’s not going to really cost you, give it to them and send them on their way.
  • Try to understand the reasons for their complaints—Just because someone complains a lot doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no validity to their complaints. Do your best to always look at their complaints with an unbiased eye, and maybe you can find ways to prevent similar situations from reoccurring.
  • Make note of serial complainers—When a customer crosses the line into serial complainer territory, make note of it in your files. It’s a good idea to flag your serial complainers so that whenever they come around you and your team are on your toes and well aware that this customer is someone who has a history of stirring up trouble.
  • Understand some people are impossible to please—Most serial complainers simply cannot be pleased. The sooner you understand this, the sooner you can stop banging your head against the wall trying to find ways to win them over. Make an effort to quickly please them, and if it doesn’t work…
  • Be willing to let them walk—If someone is constantly eating up your time with frivolous complaints and constantly causing you stress, do you really want them as a customer? You have to ask yourself if that customer is really worth all the trouble. If not, don’t be afraid to let them walk away.


How do you deal with serial complainers? Give us your best tips by commenting below.

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How to Handle Customers Who Are Serial Complainers, 3.1 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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