How to Find Out What Your Customers Really Want

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Most companies think they know which features and benefits customers are interested in when buying the products and services they offer. The truth? They don’t have a clue. Most companies are simply guessing, and they’re getting it wrong. As a result, their marketing focuses on the wrong features and benefits, and it doesn’t get results.

How can you find out what your customers really want? How can you get your hands on their true “wish list” of features and benefits that they want in the products and services you offer?


  • Read reviews and testimonials for the type of products you offer—You can start out by looking at any reviews or testimonials that might be available for your products, but you should also check out reviews of competitors’ products as well. What do most customers seem to like? What are some of the things they complain about? This will give you an idea of what they really want.
  • Monitor your target audience on social media—Connect with your customers on Twitter and Facebook. Pay close attention to everything they say. You’ll be able to learn more about their likes and dislikes.
  • Survey them—Create a carefully-crafted survey that helps you get a better idea of what your customers really want. To get the best response to your survey, give customers an incentive for completing it.
  • Crowdsource your idea generation—How does Dell get ideas for new products and product improvements? They crowdsource their idea generation on their IdeaStorm website. Here, customers can post ideas for products and services and the community can vote on which ideas they think are best.
  • Split test—Setup landing pages for your product. Highlight different product features and benefits on each version and see which page performs best.


What are some of the tactics you use to find out what your customers really want? Share them by leaving a comment below.

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