Emailing Customers to Ask for Testimonials

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One of the most effective ways to gain the trust of potential customers is to show them testimonials from satisfied customers. While a customer might not believe a word you say, they do tend to place trust in their peers, making testimonials an immensely powerful marketing tool when used properly.

The problem is that not all testimonials are created equal. See, a testimonial that simply says “Your company did a great job!” or “We’d refer you to our friends!” is nice, but it doesn’t really say anything of meaning. Customers who are on the fence about doing business with you won’t be swayed by such generic testimonials. They need something they can relate to…something that speaks to the concerns they have right now…something that will help them see that doing business with you really is the right solution to their needs.

But how do you get such insightful testimonials from your customers? By emailing them and asking them the right questions.

Luckily for you, I’m going to share a basic email form I use to generate testimonials for myself and a few of my clients.


Dear (insert client name),

Your feedback is vital to our success and future growth as a company, and we’d be very grateful if you could take a few moments to answer the questions below. Your responses will help us improve our services, and they may be used as testimonials so that others will know what to expect when they choose (insert company name).

Feel free to edit or omit a question if you like.

  • What made you decide to choose (insert company name)? Was there anything specific that made us stand out from other companies?

  • What were a few of the most important things you needed to have from your (insert service or product description)?

  • Did you have any concerns about choosing our services?

  • What specific feature have you enjoyed most about our products and services?

  • Would you recommend (insert company name) to someone else who needs our services? If so, why?

  • Is there anything else you’d like to say?


These questions help to develop a testimonial that reads like a story. As a result, customers can relate to them more easily, helping you ease their concerns and position your company as the right solution.


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