Death to Copy/Paste Marketing

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Anybody who has spent any time at all talking to me about marketing knows that my biggest pet peeve is the urge companies have to simply copy whatever it is that their competitors are doing. I like to call it copy/paste marketing, because that’s often times exactly what clients want me to do. They want me to look at the marketing messages of their competition and basically recycle them for their company.

Don’t get me wrong. I see the logic behind what they’re trying to do, but I also see that it’s totally flawed logic. See, the reason clients want copy/paste marketing is because they see their competition has achieved some modicum of success with the strategy, so they assume it will work for them too.

Couple of problems though:


  1. At best, this limits the client’s success to the level of success achieved by their competition. There’s no room for further growth, and there’s certainly no chance for dominating your marketplace by using copy/paste marketing.
  2. When you copy exactly what the competition is doing, you become indistinguishable to your target audience. And if they can’t tell the difference between you and all the other companies in your niche, why would they choose to do business with you?


Look, I’m all for competitive analysis. It is very important to identify the marketing strategies of your competitors. And it’s good to figure out what they’re doing that works. But more importantly, you need to figure out how you can position your brand to capitalize on the opportunities the competition is missing and their overall shortcomings.

In short, instead of being the company that relies on copy/paste marketing, be the company that creates a strategy that’s so brilliant and so effective that all of your competitors want to copy/paste what you’re doing.

Take a look at your company. Are you using copy/paste marketing?


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Death to Copy/Paste Marketing, 2.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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