7 Tips for Promoting Your eBook

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It seems like every single day somebody I know is announcing a new eBook they’ve just written. Make no mistake about it. eBooks are fast becoming one of the most popular tools out there for spreading information to the masses. Beyond delivering important information, writing an eBook also positions you as an expert in your field, and it can be a great way to promote your business.

Of course, if no one knows you have an eBook, you won’t get to reap any of these benefits. That’s why I’ve come up with a list of 7 easy ways to promote your eBooks online.

  1. Offer free samples—One way to get people interested in either buying or free downloading your eBook is to offer them samples that give a peak of what’s inside. You could allow readers to access an entire chapter for free, or you could publish a section from your book on your blog or another medium. This allows interested parties to get a better idea of what your book is about so they can decide if they’re interested in reading the entire eBook.
  2. Get interviewed—How many times have you seen an author with a new book doing the talk show circuit on TV and radio? It happens daily. Why can’t you apply the same principle to promoting your eBook? Now, you might not get on Oprah, but there’s no reason you can’t get interviewed on other blogs, podcasts, and industry publications. Seek out these opportunities as they can go a long way to increasing your eBook’s exposure.
  3. Blog about it—If you have a blog, let your readers know about your eBook. You can make an entire post announcing it, use quotes from it in your regular posts, and/or include an ad for it on your blog’s sidebar. If you’re selling your eBook, you could even create a special discounted offer for your blog readers.
  4. Write articles—Article marketing is an easy way to both build back links to your site and to promote your eBook at the same time. Now, your eZine articles shouldn’t read like advertisements for your book. Instead, you should use quotes from the eBook and include links to it in your author/resource box at the end of the article.
  5. Get listed on eBook websites—The internet is full of online stores and listing sites for eBooks. Get your book listed on these sites. A few of these to check out include: Virtual eBooks, eBook Palace, and Published.com.
  6. Hook up with affiliates—For selling your eBook, perhaps no method is more effective than leveraging affiliate marketing. If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it’s where other people (affiliates) promote and sell your book online, receiving a commission for each sale they generate. ClickBank is a great site to connect with affiliates who can sell your eBook.
  7. Write a press release—A press release is the perfect way to announce your new eBook and to give all the relevant details about it. Make sure to optimize your press release for relevant keywords and send it out to media outlets who might be interested in publishing it.

Have you written an eBook? How did you promote it? Leave a comment with your best tips.

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