5 Mistakes to Avoid When Pitching Bloggers

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Getting coverage on blogs has become an essential part of PR strategy for businesses of all sizes. From getting bloggers to review your products to landing a guest posting opportunity, there are all sorts of ways you can leverage other blogs to increase brand exposure.

But before you can get the coverage you desire, you have to pitch the blogger. You need to email the blogger and have your pitch stand out from all the others he or she is surely receiving on a daily basis. And doing that means avoiding these 5 common mistakes for pitching bloggers.


  1. Sending them a generic email—Not personalizing your pitch is an almost surefire way to get your email deleted instantly. Why would any blogger want to respond to an email that you’re obviously sending out to every other blogger in the industry? You need to make the blogger feel special. Make them feel like you’re offering them a really good opportunity. Call the blogger by name. Mention some tidbits about their blog, letting them know you’re familiar with their work. This can go a long way to getting your pitch noticed.
  2. Not researching their blog—Spend a little time learning about the blog before pitching the blogger. You need to make sure your story or guest blogging pitch is actually a good fit for the blog and is something the audience will respond to.
  3. Giving too much information—The goal of your pitch is to get the blogger to respond and write you back. You don’t have to share every detail with them in your opening email. Keep your pitch short and to the point. If you can’t get your pitch across in about 2 paragraphs, you’re doing it wrong.
  4. Sending the same pitch over and over—Following up on your pitch is one thing. It’s okay to email the blogger a few days later to make sure they received your email, but emailing the same pitch over and over is a huge no-no. Doing so is annoying and the quickest way to get on a blogger’s blacklist.
  5. Pitching before creating a relationship—Who would you be likelier to listen to: someone you’ve never heard of or someone who you have a relationship with? Obviously, the latter. Before sending your pitch and asking for a favor, spend time connecting with the blogger. You can do this by interacting in the comments, talking to them on Twitter and Facebook, linking to their posts from your blog, etc.


Are there any other mistakes to avoid when pitching bloggers? Leave a comment and let us know!

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