5 Email Customer Service Mistakes

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Chances are that email is a central communications tool for your business. You probably communicate with customers and prospects on a daily basis via email. I know I do.

Simply put, email is a customer service tool. To provide great customer service with email, you need to avoid these 5 mistakes.


1. Taking too long to respond–At minimum, you need to be responding to emails the same day you receive them. But even that is no longer good enough for some customers. Many customers want faster response times, so you really need to stay on top of your emails and respond to them as quickly as possible.


2. Responding to only part of the email–There’s nothing that annoys me more than receiving an incomplete email response. If a customer brings up 3 separate points in his email, make sure you address all 3 points in your response. Before you hit send, reread the initial email to ensure you’ve touched on all points with your response.


3. Not personalizing your response–Generic responses are bad for customer service. While they might save you time, the customer will interpret it as a lack of caring on your part. Take time to personalize your response to the individual.


4. Not proofreading before you hit send–Your emails don’t have to read like a Pulitzer award worthy piece, but you should take the time to check for spelling and grammatical errors. Such mistakes make your company look unprofessional.


5. No “hello” or “goodbye”–It’s the simplest thing you can do, but it’s important nonetheless. Open your emails with a greeting and finish them with a goodbye.


What are some other email customer service mistakes to avoid? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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