3 Reasons Marketing Isn’t of the Devil

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You make the lie. You invent want. You’re for them… not us.”—Mad Men


For as long as it has been around, marketing has been vilified. People see marketers as the devil…evil geniuses huddled together to create want, to trick people into buying things they don’t really need. These same people think all marketers are liars.

Look, I’m the first to admit there are plenty of shady marketers out there. There are marketers who are liars and who will do anything they can to make a sale, but that’s not what good marketing is about. Just because some people take an unscrupulous approach to marketing doesn’t mean that all marketing is of the devil.

Here are 3 reasons marketing isn’t the evil some people make it out to be.


  1. Marketing helps consumers make informed decisions—No matter what product or service a person is looking for, they’re going to be faced with tons of options. Good marketing educates people on what a company does, what makes their product or service different, what the features are of the particular product or service, and how the consumer stands to benefit when they buy it. What’s wrong with that?
  2. The purpose of marketing is to fulfill a need—Every day, people are faced with problems. Maybe their air conditioner isn’t working, and they need it fixed. Maybe they want to lose weight and they need help. Whatever their need, they’re searching for something to fulfill it. That’s where marketing comes in. It informs people that you have the solution to their problem.
  3. Marketing creates jobs—It’s pretty simple. If a company doesn’t sell their products or services, that company will go out of business and a lot of people will lose their jobs. Marketing helps people keep their jobs. It helps the economy grow.


What do you think? Is marketing of the devil?


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