20 Inspirational Wallpapers That Don’t Suck

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If you have ever tried to search Google for inspirational desktop wallpaper, you have undoubtedly turned up a large selection of dramatic photos with corny sayings. While these apparently appeal to some people, if you’re like me, you’d never want to see one of these wallpapers on a daily basis.

Fortunately, although you won’t come across them if you’re Googling for inspirational desktop wallpapers, there are inspirational wallpapers available that don’t suck. While most people reading this blog probably read his blog Gapingvoid on a regular basis as well, if you don’t know who Hugh MacLeod is, he’s a cartoonist, sells limited-edition prints, wrote a book, is the CEO of Stormhoek USA and draws private commissions.

In addition to sharing his thoughts and insights over the years, Hugh has also published a countless amount of cartoons on his blog. Best of all, he published many of his cartoons in high resolution, which makes them ideal to use as desktop wallpaper. So, enjoy this collection of twenty of Hugh’s best cartoons, and click any of them to visit and download the high resolution version for free:

The Trick

Eat the World

Technology Changes Humans Don't

Only Talented People Fret About Mediocrity

Great Ideas Alter the Power Balance in Relationships

Lots of Ideas Clustering Around

The Network is More Powerful than the Node

You Haven't Done Your Marketing

The Future Belongs to the Geeks

A Story Without Love is Not Worth Telling

Marketing is Everywhere

If I Can Sell You Hope

Capitalism Saves

Life Sucks Then You Die

You Cannot Have It All

Imagination Equals Freedom

Stay Ahead of the Culture

Meaning Scales

Starving is Good Because It Trims the Fat

Blue Monster 2.0

If you like Hugh’s cartoons, you will also like his book and the artwork he sells.

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20 Inspirational Wallpapers That Don't Suck, 4.9 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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