So, What’s the Secret to Coming Up with Linkbait?

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From Darren Rowse to Seth Godin, everybody has spent a lot of time talking about linkbait over the past two to three years.  At this point, you are quite familiar with exactly what linkbait is.  However, even though there is an endless stream of posts discussing linkbait tactics and analyzing the results of a big piece of linkbait, a lot of people still don’t know how to come up with their own killer linkbait.  The reason is that the majority of posts about linkbait overlook the simple question on a lot of people’s minds: how do I come up with my own linkbait?

If you are tired of reading post after post that fails to answer this question, you have come to the right place.  Here are a handful of concrete tips that can help you start coming up with your own great linkbait:

Don’t Discard Ideas: When you are trying to come up with a great piece of linkbait, you are obviously trying to brainstorm about a specific niche or subject.  While linkbait pieces can be on a general topic, they are most effective when they are still related (even if loosely) to the subject of the blog or website you are trying to promote.

Inevitably, you are going to come up with great ideas that aren’t related in any way to the site you are working on promoting.  Whether it’s while you are brainstorming or as you are going through your day, everyone has great ideas that suddenly pop up in their mind.  Unfortunately, most people discard these ideas because they automatically assume they can’t use them.

Instead of throwing away your moments of brilliance, keep track of these ideas that you think you can’t use.  Sure, you don’t have a site on car dealerships right now, but how do you know that you won’t have one in six months?  What if you pick up a client that would benefit from your idea?  At the very least, even if you are never able to use it yourself, if you meet another internet marketer sometime and they mention they’re working on that topic, you can really make a connection with them by giving them your great idea (remember, what comes around goes around).

Put It in Writing: Almost everyone likes to think they have a great memory.  Unfortunately, even if you do have a good memory, there are things that you are going to forget.  Therefore, you may be convinced that you will have no problem remembering the great idea that came to you in the first ten minutes of the meeting, but what happens when the meeting runs an hour longer than it was supposed to and then you have to spend another two hours fighting your way through traffic and repeatedly apologizing to your wife for being forty-five minutes late to a special dinner?

Instead of leaving things to chance, take the extra fifteen seconds to put all of your ideas in writing.  If you are a traditional type of person, you can’t beat a small paper pad and a pen.  If you are a gadget type of person, use a PDA or smartphone.  And if you like technology but don’t like typing things out, use a service like Jott, which allows you to automatically convert voice notes into text notes.

Avoid Being a Hermit: Whether it’s because you are naturally an independent person or have grown accustomed to the higher than normal amount of solitude that comes from working at home, many people seem to overlook one of their biggest assets when they are trying to come up with a great linkbait piece: other people.  No only can other people tell you whether or not an idea is actually good, but simply talking to other people can help you get the creative juices flowing.  From your spouse to a friend that lives half way across the world who you chat with over IM, just try talking to someone for five minutes about the subject you are brainstorming on and you will be amazed at how many good ideas come out of your discussion.

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