Linkbait Generator: A Tool All Bloggers Should Try

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Linkbaiting is an important part of building a successful blog and a well-ranking website. That’s why we regularly write posts offering you tips for creating linkbait and even template linkbait headlines.

Recently, I came across a really cool tool that’s designed to help all bloggers come up with linkbait ideas for their blog. The tool is called Linkbait Generator.  The way it works is you enter your own subject into the box, and you click “submit” to generate linkbait. Just keep clicking the “generate” button to get more and more headline ideas for your blog.

Here’s an example. I entered the subject “dog training.” Here are some of the linkbait ideas that this tool generated:

  • The 7 most controversial videos of all time about dog training
  • 10 ways people have gotten rich exploiting dog training
  • 5 amazing things you probably didn’t know about dog training
  • 6 shockingly evil things about dog training
  • 5 insane but true things about dog training

You can go on and on generating ideas, but you get the point. I’ll say that I’m pretty impressed with some of the ideas this tool generates. I could see any of the above topics working as a successful piece of linkbait if written and promoted properly.

Now, there is something you should know when using the tool. Not all of the headlines it generates will be great. In fact, there are some that just won’t be relevant to what you do at all, but the majority of them are pretty good.

The whole point of this tool is to show you some of the proven styles of linkbait. The truth is there are certain types of headlines and ways to phrase things that gives a blog post a better chance of getting hot. So, even if you don’t end up using any of the ideas this tool generates, I still think it’s good for putting you in the right frame of mind for coming up with successful linkbait.

Give it a try. Check out Linkbait Generator and let us know if it works for you.

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Rating: 0.8/5 (2 votes cast)
Linkbait Generator: A Tool All Bloggers Should Try, 0.8 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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