What Happens When Linkbait Doesn’t Work?

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So, you’ve spent hours crafting the perfect piece of linkbait, and follow all of the right steps to promote it. However, you’re totally baffled when you look at your analytics program and don’t see a huge spike in traffic, and become even more distraught when you perform a backlink analysis and realize that no one has pointed a single link towards your perfectly crafted piece of content.

If this is your first linkbait flop, welcome to the club. As anyone who has spent time creating and promoting linkbait will tell you, sometimes, the best pieces simply don’t connect with their target audience. For one reason or another, certain pieces just don’t have the impact that you expected.

In many industries, once something flops, it’s dead forever. People have one opportunity to hit that big home run, and if they strike out, it’s time to go back to the drawing board. Fortunately, the great thing about the online world is that it has a very short-term memory. Therefore, even if your piece of linkbait isn’t a smashing success the first time around, there’s no reason that you simply have to discard it forever. Instead, here are some great strategies to use for your strong pieces of content that simply didn’t get the initial momentum you felt they deserved:

Give It a Touch-Up: Before you begin Round Two with your piece of linkbait, you should look over it again and see where you can improve it. Obviously, it’s already a great piece of content, but look at it from an unbiased point of view and see where you can make some minor improvements. Whether it’s creating a new title, restructuring the content or adding in a few more visuals, some minor touch-ups may be all your linkbait needs to get the attention it deserves.

Focus on Your Core Audience: Sometimes, even though a piece of content is quite good, it simply doesn’t appeal to the masses of the general social media websites. However, this doesn’t mean that it won’t appeal to a more niche audience. If you’ve got a piece of content that you know is good but it didn’t connect with the general masses, it’s time to find out where your target audience is hanging out online and then present your content in that location.

Work Multiple Distribution Channels: Obviously, if you promoted your piece of linkbait properly the first time around, you have already contacted the relevant blogs and individuals in your online network. However, this doesn’t mean that you have exhausted all of your distribution channels. How about guest posting on one or more related blogs and working a link to your piece of linkbait into the body of your guest post? What about incorporating a portion of your linkbait content into an email newsletter? As you can see, the possibilities for alternate forms of online distribution are quite numerous, you simply have to do some outside of the box thinking!

Keep on Keeping On: The most important thing you can do is refuse to give up. If you’ve worked hard on a piece of content and truly feel that it deserves attention and links, you need to keep refining it and continue pursuing different publicity strategies. If you stay consistent and keep working hard, your content will eventually start receiving the attention and links that it deserves!

(photo by Vanessa Pike-Russell)

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