How To Increase Your PageRank Quickly

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Increasing PageRank can be a huge challenge and can take a lot of hard work, but what if there was an easier way to increase PageRank quickly?

There is actually! And, it’s a darn good way too. For a long time I have know about this, but couldn’t figure out a good way to do this. I searched for software and never found anything, and the only thing I found that could do this for me was a half functional website.

But, before I get too far ahead here, I need to explain to you how you can increase your PageRank. As you may know, backlinks are needed in order to get more PageRank. More so, backlinks with high PageRank are even more important.

So, who the heck is going to give you free links from pages with high PageRank? Well, the answer is simple… you are! You might not realize this, but many of your own pages within your site have established their own level of PageRank.

I have known this for awhile, but the problem I always had was finding them. Yes, I can manually search for them, but this takes a long time and kind of feels like fishing in a pond with only one fish in it.

If there was software that could scan all my pages automatically and then sort them by highest PageRank first, that would be ideal. I never could find anything that would do something like this until a few weeks ago. Naturally, the software comes in the form of a Firefox Add-on.

The add-on is called, SeoQuake. If you download and install this add-on and search your own site using Yahoo Site Explorer, you can quickly and easily discover and sort all your internal pages by their PageRank level. You can also do this by searching for your site in Google too. Take a look at the screen shot below. It will show you’s pages sorted by PageRank:'s Internal PageRank
[click image to view full size]

Doing this then gives you a tally of how many pages you can use within your own site for link building. You can use these pages to help boost your own home page PageRank, or use these pages to help establish and boost the PageRank of newly built sites you have developed.

Be careful not to build links to quickly, you don’t want to do anything unnatural because Google is kind of smart and may catch on to what you’re doing. The key here is having an available research to use towards proper link building. If you’re too aggressive with our link building campaign, you may even ruin the value of your high quality pages.

What else can you do to help increase PageRank quickly? Drop a comment below and share your thoughts.

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