How To Get Backlinks and Traffic To Affiliate Based Sites?

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On my blog I frequently open up the flood gates and allow for readers to ask me questions and I then provide them with a response. One of the questions asked was absolutely perfect to post here and share with you.

The single most difficult thing with running a blog or web site is scoring traffic and landing backlinks, Especially if your blog or web site is geared towards promoting affiliate products. So how does a blogger or as webmaster increase traffic and score backlinks? Well, let’s start with reading the question that I was asked:

Hi Garry,

I am working on a couple of new sites at the moment that I wouldn’t usually use WordPress for but as you know I have been learning the ins & out’s of WordPress for a few months now so have decided to go ahead and use it for these new sites to see how it pans out.

Once I have the sites completed, I know I can gain organic search results over time and can even provide relevant links from other sites of mine. With that said, can you recommend any other ways of getting links/traffic to an affiliate based site?

With your Micro Niche Sites, do you invest time in link building to these sites or are they a truly “build, walk away and see what happens” type of sites?

I do want to build, walk away and see what happens with a few of these sites but I also want them to at least generate an asdense monthly payment along with some affiliate payments. Any advice is well appreciated.

Thanks, dave.

Wow! When I read this question that Dave had asked me, I was very excited to provide my feedback not only for him, but for all of my blog readers. Secondly, I now look forward to sharing this with you. Here is my response back to Dave.

Hi Dave,

I great way to get organic links is to have a bunch of friends who will bend over backwards for you. If you simply be a super nice guy and help people as much as you can afford to, when it comes time to asking for help in return, such as asking for a few backlinks on some blog posts that you have keywords you are targeting on it, friends will grant these requests.

Secondly, friends will also voluntarily advertise your blog or site on their blog or site if you ask them to. This is very successful because the post comes from the author in which many people follow.

Look at it this way, tomorrow, if I wrote a blog post and told everyone to check out John Doe’s Blog because he is offering something that I feel everyone will enjoy, he will end up getting quite a bit of traffic because I suggested to my readers that he has someone worth their while.

Asking… it never hurts to ask. The worst someone can say is, “No!” Never take offense when someone says NO, it’s a crap shoot… some people will grant your requests, others will not… no big deal.

I ask for TONS of favors from my friends, but also too I work my tail off to make sure that I help them TWO FOLD in return. At any given time, and I am not tooting my horn, I can get well over 100 high quality backlinks to any site I want within just a few hours. You have to be careful of that though. You never want to channel links to a web site or blog too quickly. If you do, Google has filters that catch that and I believe that will get you on their radar. Getting on Google’s radar is something that you don’t want to have happen.

Like I said, there is a balance… you can’t link build too aggressively. Google red flags that…. you got to maintain a nice steady pace and build as naturally and organically as possible.

You asked me if I invest time into link building? YES! On sites that target keywords that are too strong and competitive just to rank organically on their own without backlinks, yeah… I get links. These links though aren’t just, “Hey Bob, can you add me to your blogroll?” These are very well thought out and personalized backlinks that I put a lot of time into scoring.

Growing a site in a competitive niche is very much like being in chemistry class. I don’t spend too much time with competitive keywords, I more go after the ones that just naturally rank on their own in the top ten simply by creating the content, getting the page indexed and filling a VOID in the Google SERP.

After reading Dave’s question and reading my response to his question, what else can you add to this? What are some other creative ways towards scoring backlinks and increasing traffic to your blog or web site that is geared towards promoting affiliate based products?  Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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How To Get Backlinks and Traffic To Affiliate Based Sites?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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