Guest Posting on Blogs For Link Building

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Guest Posting on Blogs For Link BuildingIf you are trying to build links that point back to your blog or website one of the most powerful ways you can do that is by offering to write content on other blogs. This is a little different than landing a freelance writing job because your offer is to help bloggers by writing content on their blog for free. While this might not sound like a very good deal for you, it really is. 

Paying for links is risky. Google has a good sniffer for spotting paid or sponsored links. Doing link exchanges, especially blogroll exchanges is proving to not have much value. Ordering sponsored posts is very risky because you then put your site on Google’s radar. So really what option do you have left? 

The answer is in writing guest posts. It is a safe and very natural / organic way to score powerful backlinks to your blog or website. Consider this too. When you publish content on other blogs, you are in complete control of the link building process. You are in complete control of how you want to word your content and shape and mold your links pointing back to your site.  In other words, writing guest posts on other blogs gives you the ability to take a blank piece of digital paper and turn it into anything you want. 

Guest posting on other blogs has other benefits as well. For one, you’ll find that you have an endless supply of blogs where you can publish your content on. Most bloggers struggle for material. Just like a journalist or a columnist, often bloggers struggle from writers block and totally enjoy it when someone offers to provide them with killer content. 

Another benefit is the fact that not only can you build links by writing the content, you can also take advantage of the opportunity and use the post to sell yourself to readers of the blog you are publishing on. This gives you an amazing opportunity to increase the number of regular reader who read your own blog or website. 

The only disadvantage I can think of is the amount of time you need to invest into writing content. One thing about that though is I believe that you always get back when you put in. Meaning, if you invest the time into writing quality content on other blogs, your return will be great as well. 

Contact a few blog authors and you’ll be surprised to discover how many of them will contact you back having a strong interest in having you write a post for them. I know for a fact that when people contact me, I get excited because I know that my nightly post is covered and I can have a little free time to do something else. My advice to you when you do contact bloggers is to present yourself well. Be honest and explain what you want to do and what are you are willing to do for them in exchange. Writing content on other blogs is  mutual exchange. You give the blogger a night off from having to write and they give you a medium to spread the word about your own blog or website. 

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Guest Posting on Blogs For Link Building, 4.4 out of 5 based on 19 ratings
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