Search Engine Marketing Starts With Keyword Predictability

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I want to start off by saying that I am not an SEO guru and I never will consider myself to be.  I’d be telling a bold face lie if I said that I was. However, what I do consider myself to be is a very well rounded individual who has some very practical experience in search engine marketing. By default, SEO and SEM are two totally difference animals. However, you really can’t have a successful SEM without a successful SEO, unless of course you are paying for your search engine traffic using programs such as AdWords.

So really, for me being SEM savvy, I have to know the basics in SEO in order to find success in my own search engine marketing ventures, that really is just the tip of the iceberg here.  My business is primarily in making money online with Google AdSense. The way I see it, there is really only one way to do that and that is with successful search engine marketing to a web site or blog that has its content monetized with Google AdSense advertisements.

Think about it for a second, you can’t pay for traffic. If you did, the amount of money you’d spend on the traffic would exceed the amount of money you’d get per click. You can’t really drive traffic using social networking sites such as StumbleUpon or Digg, reason being is that these folks are blind to AdSense ads and don’t click. So really what is left? The last remaining option is in scoring free organic traffic in the search engines.

How Do You Score Free Organic Search Engine Traffic?

Ok. So all this makes sense up to this point, right? And I am sure a lot of this you might already understand. However, the missing ingredient that you may have been searching for but possibly failing to discover is in understanding how you can score all this free and wonderful organic search engine traffic that everyone says is so cool and amazing.

Many people talk about Google and how much traffic you can score by having your content ranked in their index. At times, the news can even get old and annoying. Really though, the overall frustration might not be caused from the people who communicate the message about search engines but rather in their inability to successfully provide you with a road map that leads you down a path of success with leaning how to rank better in the search engines.

Maybe I can help fix that for you. For me, as mentioned above, I am pretty much a SEM AdSense junkie. If you want to sum it up, I make quite a bit of money using Google AdSense. How I do that is in rounding up massive amounts of traffic to pages that are monetized with Google’s AdSense ads. They way I do that is in what I call, “doing a search engine market weather forecast.” In other words, part of my job is predicting what the weather will be like on search engines. Unlike a weather man who predicts rain, in my business I predict keywords.

What Is Keyword Prediction?

Pretty much as it states, keyword prediction is the process of attempting to predict certain keywords or keyword phrases that are going to be hot in the search engines. Within that comes a second element of having to also predict whether or not a predicted keyword can be targetable. What I mean to say by that is when you come to the realization that a certain phrase indeed will become hot in the search engines, will you be able to successfully compete and rank well above and beyond the existing as well as soon to be competition?

How Do You Predict The Weather?

Back in the day, a weather man would predict the weather based off sheer gut feeling and what some would call a 6th sense. In many ways a search engine marketer is the same. For me, I believe that I have a natural talent to predict weather patterns in search engines. Really though, my 6th sense is nothing more than just plain common sense. To predict traffic patterns in search engines you have to have awareness of events that are taking place in the real world. News, sales, commercials and practical questions are to name just a few.

From my generation, the Internet was coined as the Information Super Highway. Meaning that the primary use for the Internet was in seeking information. Today in this digital universe we call the Internet, it has evolved into so much more. The Internet today is combined with the desire to seek information mixed with the desire to reach out and expand with the world socially.

In the business of making money online, for me, I have to closely separate these two elements and focus on the old school information seeking aspect. Doing so gives me the predictability factor. It isn’t hard to predict the weather of search engines. Simply listen to the news, watch TV commercials, and typically listen to what the general population have as common and everyday problems. In doing that, you’ll likely increase your ability to target massive popular keywords to use towards targeting traffic by way of publishing content that provides information that people seek.

What About Keyword Prediction Software?

Yes, there is software available that can help you with this. However, with that you still need to acquire a 6th sense in predicting the weather. But indeed, there are tools available to people who want to target keywords that have a high search count while also yielding a very low level of competition. In fact, one of the great things about is that they provide the general public with some amazing and totally free tools towards helping you predict the weather of search engines.

If you visit, the SEO Tools section, you’ll see a banner advertisement for a program called WordTracker. This is a wonderful program that will give you many tools towards finding success in search engine marketing by finding and targeting very rich and popular search phrases and keywords that have a super low amount of competition.

WordTracker isn’t free, but is an offical affliate on WordTracker and you can score a 7 day free trial. I for one have used the 7 day free WordTracker trial and have fully evaluated their services. I like WordTracker and feel that it is an excellent option for those who depend on scoring free organic traffic from the search engines.

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Search Engine Marketing Starts With Keyword Predictability, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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