How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

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Increasing traffic to your blog is something that can be a challenge for lot of people. So how do you get traffic to your blog? Well, there are many ways. For one, you can pay for traffic. I’ve never done that, but many people do. But what about free traffic to your blog? You might feel like you have great content, and a nice looking blog, but you don’t have traffic. That is where the buzz factor kicks in.

There are many ways to generate traffic with creating buzz. Some people offer contests, some people create blog memes and others write posts on controversial topics. Along with the various buzz building tactics comes a reaction. A reaction is the result of blog buzz. The reactions are either negative or positive.

Depending on what kind of buzz tactic you use will warrant which kind of reaction you get. So the key to getting traffic is by creating a buzz. But, within that, it’s your goal to create a buzz that scores a positive reaction. Anything less, then you’ll create what I call, one hit wonder traffic, which are people who visit your blog and don’t like what they see and never will return again.

How Do You Create A Positive Buzz?

Here’s something that I say to myself when I’m writing content for my blog. Following this for the last few years helped me create some of my best articles. I call this SEMI.

  1. Stimulate. People want to stimulate their brains. Our brains are filled with thousands of pulsing receptors that need to be stimulated at all times.
  2. Entertain. People want to be entertained. Why else do we have The Comedy Channel and a million and one Blond Jokes?
  3. Motivate. People want to feel good. They want to be encouraged and supported. People want to be motivated and pushed towards achieving things.
  4. Inform. People want to be aware. We want to know whats going on, how did it happen, who was the cause of it, when did this happen and where do I go?

Now, in the process of creating a positive buzz, you should remember SEMI and ask yourself this, “Is my post going to stimulate, entertain, motivate or inform people?” If you can get a yes for all four questions, you then have yourself an excellent post.

The great thing is that it doesn’t matter what topic you have chosen for your blog, you do have an audience. The best way to reach out to your audience is to give them SEMI! Take what you have learned in this post and write one today that follows the basic rules of SEMI!

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