How To Increase The Performance of Your Website

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There are many tools and software available to help you study the performance of your website. But, wouldn’t it be cool to have a visual interpretation of the activity that takes place on your site?

In other words, instead of seeing the data in the form of stats and numbers, wouldn’t it be neat to see a visual representation of the clicks and the hot spots on your site? Being able to study your site in this sense could easily allow you to increase performance. Luckily for you, the technology is available, and it doesn’t cost you a dime to use it.

Checkout This site allows webmasters and bloggers an easy way to study analytical data in a visual form called a heat map. Simply add a few lines of javascript on your page and instantly you can start tracking data visually. offers this free up to 6,000 visits per month. If you need to track more than 6,000 visits, you can upgrade.

Screen Shot of Heat Map

After you install your tracker code will begin creating a heat map of the page being tracked. The more people who click certain links, the brighter in color the area will appear on the map. Even though you can discover this data in analytics, having the data presented to you visually may allow you to see potential improvements. An example would be the “About Me” page on my own blog. This is one of the most popular links on my home page.

I wouldn’t have realized that simply by studying Google Analytics. Even though the data is there, it isn’t something I am looking for. But, having it appear brightly with the heat map, I can instantly see that quite a bit of my daily traffic migrates there. This has lead me to take a closer look at my “About Me” page and see if I can make any improvements to it.

Give a try for yourself. Set up a free account and take advantage of tracking up to 6,000 of your visitors at no charge. If you exceed 6,000 in a month, you can either wait until next month to have your amount reset, or you can upgrade. Regardless of what you do, it’s well worth the time registering for a free account.

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How To Increase The Performance of Your Website, 2.3 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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