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Every owner of a website is interested in finding ways of getting more people to come visit their website. Many of the steps are the same as getting potential customers to come into your brick front store. There are more avenues with using a website, however. It is all a matter of knowhow.

Here are some proven free methods of increasing traffic to your website:

  1. Start a blog. Blogging is the newest Internet “craze”. Well, blogging has been around for a few years, but the phenomenon continues to this day and is expected to grow even more in popularity. To succeed in this field, you simply develop your expertise on your chosen area and write (blog post) about it. At the end of each blog post simply put your website address. Also, many blog software allow blog postings to be posted directly onto your website.

  2. Use social networking sites. Social networks (such as Squidoo, Reddit, de.licious, etc.) are very, very popular mediums for a wide variety of Internet users. This is a great way to socialize and become a part of a community. Just be certain you do not use these sites to simply sell something. That will not go over. Offer your expertise in your targeted area.

  3. Write articles. By writing articles on your area of expertise, you can post them to numerous sites found on the Web. You establish yourself as an expert, and people will come to visit your website. Be sure to include a short bio on the bottom of each article and include your website address in it.

  4. Help Wikipedia. You can write research papers on your area of expertise and include them in Wikipedia’s library. List yourself as a reference, along with your website. Not only will you be seen as an expert in the field, but your website will be viewed by millions.

  5. Write optimized press releases. A well written press release will be heavy in targeted keywords and contain quality SEO content. Post these both in print and online publications.

  6. Post to targeted blogs. Perform an online search targeting your area of expertise. Search by typing your keyword in quotes and follow with + blog. For instance, if my keyword is widgets, my targeted blog search would be “widgets”+blog. Then, once you enter the blog, post a comment. Include your website in the comment.

  7. Post to YouTube. Make a video and post it to this popular site. It is highly responsive and free. And, place a link to your website in the video.

These are but a few of the many ways for you to increase your website’s traffic. They are a good beginning and will keep you busy for awhile. Good luck!

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