Understanding the Different Types of Email Marketing Communication

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Over the past few months, I’ve talked quite a bit about how to write effective email marketing messages, how to grow your email list, and other similar topics. Today, I want to talk about the different types of email marketing messages you can send to your subscribers. Below, I’ve outlined the 4 basic types of communication.

•    Newsletter—
Typically sent once a month, the email marketing newsletter does a few things. It usually contains a brief update on company news, a helpful how-to type article, and an offer. To get the best open rates and responses from your newsletters, you need to write great email marketing subject lines and keep the content interesting, scannable, and brief.

•    Sale alerts—If you’re subscribed to any email lists, you probably receive sale alerts on a fairly regular basis. These are the messages you send out when you’re running a 25% off sale or you have a great time-sensitive offer that requires immediate action. One word of advice: don’t overdo it with these sale alerts. I’ve seen some companies who literally send these out every day, and it: 1) seems desperate and 2) makes the sales seem unimportant since there are new sales every day.

•    Press releases/breaking news—This communication type is used to send out the latest company news, such as new product announcements, company stock information, important events, etc. For those of your subscribers who don’t sign up for this feed, you should try to briefly highlight the important press releases in your monthly newsletter.

•    Service reminders—
Service interval reminder emails are all about generating repeat business by contacting your customers at exactly the right time. For example, suppose you run a local oil change shop. A customer comes in, gets an oil change, and signs up for your email list. It would make sense to send this customer a service reminder (preferably with a special discount offer) in about 3 months when he’s due for his next oil change. This keeps you in the customer’s awareness just when he’s ready to make a purchase.

Rather than sending all of your email marketing messages to every subscriber on your list, you should ask subscribers to choose which types of communication they’re interested in receiving. You can do this by simply having a few check boxes they can choose from upon subscribing. This will help make certain your subscribers remain interested in what you’re sending them.

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Understanding the Different Types of Email Marketing Communication, 3.7 out of 5 based on 6 ratings
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