The Importance of the Welcome Email

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If you’ve ever subscribed to any email lists before, you’re probably familiar with the concept of the welcome email. This is the email that’s sent to new subscribers to welcome them to the list, confirm that they really did subscribe, share certain information/offers for new subscribers, learn their preferences, and more.

Does your company use email marketing? If so, you should already be sending welcome emails to new subscribers. If you’re not, here are some good reasons to do it.

  • Welcome emails get the highest open rates—Some studies have found that welcome emails have about a 4 times higher open rate than regular promotional emails. That’s because subscribers are at their most interested when they first subscribe to your list, so they want to see what type of content they’ll be receiving. Take advantage of this opportunity to get a great response rate.
  • Start building trust instantly—Trust is the key to effective email marketing. By sending a welcome email that thanks customers for subscribing, delivers quality information, and engages them to start building a relationship, you can start earning their trust immediately.
  • The longer you wait to email, the likelier it is to get buried—If someone doesn’t hear from you for a week or two after they subscribed to your list, they will have forgotten about you, and your email will just blend in with all the other junk in their inbox. That’s why you need to setup an automated welcoming system that sends a welcome message as soon as someone subscribes to your list.
  • It’s good for usability—Welcome emails are good for subscribers too. If they signed up for some sort of account, the welcome email can be a good place to remind them of their username and password so they can keep it on file in case they forget later on. It can also be a way to learn about their communication preferences so you can email them accordingly.
  • Reinforce subscriber benefits—The welcome email provides a great opportunity to remind new subscribers of everything they stand to gain by being members of your list. It helps to remind them that they’ve made the right decision, allowing you to earn their confidence.

Do you send welcome emails to new subscribers on your email list? Have you seen any results?

Share your experiences by leaving a comment below.

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