How to Improve Your Email Marketing Delivery Rates

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If you want to have any success with your email marketing campaign, you have to make sure your messages are actually being delivered so they can reach your customers. Here are some tips to help you avoid those spam filters so you can achieve a high delivery rate for generating results.

  1. Provide instructions at opt-in—Whenever new subscribers complete the opt-in form, send them to a page that walks them through adding your address to their address books to ensure delivery of your messages. You can even break it down into step-by-step instructions for each major email provider (Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.).
  2. Avoid spammy subject lines—Gimmicky subject lines such as “Change your life forever” or “Make $7000 a week” are almost guaranteed to get flagged as spam. Other words and phrases to avoid in your email subject lines include: free, buy now, order now, amazing, and guaranteed. Now, that’s not to say you can’t use marketing messages in your subject line. The key is to use them in moderation. Spam filters rank emails based on points. As long as your subject line isn’t loaded with spammy words, you’ll probably be okay.
  3. Obey the law—Always make certain your email marketing campaign is fully compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act.
  4. Clean your list regularly—Some estimates show about 20% of email addresses are discontinued each year. Keep an eye on your list for emails that are getting bounced back. Delete those addresses so that your list is as fresh and tight as possible.
  5. Make it easy for subscribers to update their contact info—Because about 20% of email addresses are discontinued each year, you need to allow your subscribers to easily update their contact info. This can be as simple as providing them with a unique update link in their email message or creating a login system on your website. Always send a confirmation email to both addresses to ensure the updated contact information is correct.
  6. Check your message before sending—Run your message through SpamCheck before sending them to identify any problems your email might pose. The system ranks your messages for free, helping you identify phrases that should be changed to avoid triggering spam filters.

How do you avoid having your emails flagged as spam? Share your best tips in the replies.

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