Even More Ways To Grow Your Email List

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Recently, I wrote a post detailing 7 ways to build your email list. Because the list is one of the most important factors in determining the success of your email marketing campaign, I’ve come up with another handful of tips for growing your email list. Feel free to leave comments with more list building tips.


  1. Include signup links in your email signature—If you’re like me, you send a lot of emails back and forth with your clients and leads. Chances are, a few of these people you email aren’t subscribers to your email list. That’s why you should include a signup link in your email signature. Briefly describe a benefit of signing up (e.g. Save 15% off your next order when you subscribe to my monthly newsletter).
  2. Send direct mail offers that require email signup—If direct mail is a part of your marketing plan, you should try to get some of the people on your direct mail list to become email subscribers. A simple way to do this is to include a special offer in your direct mail pieces that requires customers signup for your email list to take advantage of the offer. Make sure the offer is compelling enough to warrant the reader walking over to their computer, signing up for your email list, and making the purchase.
  3. Post signup links in blog posts—Do you blog regularly? Include signup links for your email list in each of your posts. It can be placed at either the top or bottom of your posts. If your blog content is interesting and compelling, your readers will probably be interested in seeing what your emails say too.
  4. Use article marketing—Not only is article marketing a good way to build back links and to increase your search engine presence, but it can also be effective for gaining more email subscribers. Most article directories allow you to include about 4 links in your articles and author box. Make one of those links a link for signing up for your email list.
  5. Place newsletter samples of your website—Another way to entice visitors to signup for your email list is to give them a taste of what they’re missing. Archive past newsletters or excerpts on your website. If your visitors enjoy the limited content they can view here, they might feel compelled to signup for your email list.


Do you have any additional tips for building an email list? Leave a comment with your advice.

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Even More Ways To Grow Your Email List, 4.5 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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