Does Your Email Marketing Offer Stand Up to the Others?

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Too much email marketing is done in a vacuum. Companies bombard their subscribers with offers they think are great, but when they don’t get the response they’d hoped for, they wonder why. In some cases, they blame it on the medium of email marketing, saying that it’s dead and ineffective.

But the truth is email marketing still works. Last year alone, it generated a return of about $45 for every $1 spent on it. In a recent survey, 57% of internet users worldwide said they’re more likely to buy a product after getting a marketing email.

Email marketing works. But it’s important for marketers to remember they’re not operating in a vacuum. More than likely, their subscribers are also subscribed to the email lists of other companies. In some cases, they may also be receiving emails from competitors.

Why does this matter? Because while you might think your free shipping offer or 20% off coupon is irresistible, they’re probably getting similar offers from the other email lists they’re subscribed to. In short, your offer is probably unremarkable when compared to all of the other offers they’re getting.

The value of your offer depends not only on the quality of your offer but also on the quality of the other offers your subscribers are receiving.

This means you have to focus on standing out in your subscribers’ inboxes. You have to make sure you really are making irresistible offers, and you have to use strong subject lines that make your subscribers see just how special your offer really is.

That’s why I’m subscribed to a lot of different email lists. I like to see what kind of offers are out there. I want to know what consumers are receiving, so I can figure out how to make an offer that feels new and exciting to them. By getting a feel for what everyone else is offering, I can better create an offer that stands out from the rest.

Take an honest look at what you’re offering your email subscribers. Is it truly irresistible?

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