7 Ways to Get More From Your E-Newsletters

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Despite the numerous reports of its death, email marketing is still alive and well. And when used properly, it can improve customer loyalty and drive up sales. Of course, at the core of most email marketing campaigns is the e-newsletter. Some companies send them each month, others send them out more often.

Unfortunately, most newsletters suck. Trust me. I receive a number of them from various companies, and I can almost never tolerate reading them. So, what can you do to get more from your e-newsletters? Here are 7 fast tips you can put into practice immediately.

  1. Keep it short and easy to scan—Nobody wants to read a long email newsletter. Keep it short and sweet. And always make sure your copy is easy to scan. Prioritize your newsletter content by placing the most important information up top.
  2. Get feedback from your readers—What better way to give your subscribers an e-newsletter they care about than to ask them what they’d like to see? Make it easy for subscribers to send their feedback.
  3. Make it interactive—The blending of email marketing and social media has made email campaigns all the more effective. Make it easy for your subscribers to interact and share your content. You can also try adding polls and surveys to encourage readers to interact more.
  4. Highlight customer’s stories—This works on a couple of different levels. By highlighting your customer’s success stories with your products and services, you build credibility with readers and help move them toward a place where they’re comfortable buying from you. Additionally, you engage subscribers and encourage them to submit their own stories, granting them exposure. Everybody wins.
  5. Segment your subscribers—Chances are, your subscribers are a diverse bunch. They may come from different age groups, different locations, and be of different genders. By segmenting your newsletter subscriber list, you can tailor different versions of the e-newsletter for each group.
  6. Reward subscribers—At the end of the day, subscribers need to be gaining something from being on your email list. The info they get in the newsletter might be useful, but that’s probably not enough to keep them engaged. Reward them. You can offer special deals to your subscribers, or give them something for signing up. Nothing wrong with a little bribery.
  7. Track everything—You can never guess what’s working and what isn’t. You need proof. So, start looking at your data. See which email subject lines get the highest open rates and which links get the most clicks. Duplicate what’s working and refine what isn’t. Never stop testing!

I’m sure you have some great tips to add to this list. Please leave a comment in the replies.

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7 Ways to Get More From Your E-Newsletters, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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