5 Truths about Email Marketing

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Working on countless email campaigns over the years, I’ve learned a thing or two about email marketing. I’m still learning, in fact. But here are 5 truths about email marketing that I’ve discovered to date.


  1. ROI is the only metric that really matters—There are all sorts of different things you can track with your email marketing campaign, but if it doesn’t give you insight into the ROI of your campaign, it’s probably not all that important.
  2. Design is important—I’m a copywriter, so I’m always focused on the message, but I also know that how the message is presented to the subscriber is just as important as what the message actually says. Too many companies overlook email design. They stick to generic templates that are dull and ineffective.
  3. Email marketing isn’t easy—No matter how much you know about email marketing, the sad truth is that it’s not easy. Nothing worth having is. You have to constantly put in the work to figure out what works for your campaign. And once you figure it out, who’s to say that won’t change down the line? It’s a constant learning process, but if you stick with it and learn from your mistakes, you’ll be successful.
  4. The money is in the list—You need to devote as many resources as you can into growing a quality list. Yes, it’s important to spend time writing strong messages, but if the right people aren’t receiving them, it’s all for nothing. You should constantly be working to grow your list without sacrificing quality. The larger your list (if it’s of good quality), the more money you stand to make. It’s simple mathematics.
  5. There is always room for improvement—No matter how great your campaign is performing, there’s always something you could be doing better. You could be writing better subject lines to get higher open rates. You could be doing a better job of building your list. Your calls to action could be stronger. Your links could be getting more clicks. Don’t ever allow yourself to get comfortable. Keep testing and keep pushing your campaign to perform even better.


What are some other email marketing truths? Share yours by leaving a comment below!

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