5 Tips for Creating a Great Email Autoresponder Series

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Autoresponders can be a highly effective marketing tool for virtually any type of business. An autoresponder puts your email marketing on autopilot. Whenever someone signs up for your list, downloads one of your free reports, or takes some other action that lands them on your email list, a series of messages is sent out to them. This eliminates follow-up mistakes, and when fine-tuned correctly, it can drive sales to new heights.

Here are 5 simple tips for creating a great email autoresponder series.


  1. Let subscribers know what to expect—At the beginning of the autoresponder series, you need to welcome the new subscriber and give them an idea of what to expect from you in the coming weeks. If you just start randomly bombarding them with emails, you’ll probably tick off a lot of people. But if you build their excitement for what’s to come, that’s when you’ll see results.
  2. Keep it fresh—If you’re sending a long series of messages, you need to mix things up to keep your readers interested. Play around with the style, length, tone, and format of your messages. One email might be 1,000 words long, another could be just 200 words. Mix it up to keep things as fresh and interesting as possible.
  3. Focus on one topic per email—Each message in your autoresponder series should be focused on one tactic or tip. You don’t want to overwhelm subscribers by cramming too much information into a single message.
  4. Highlight your expertise—If you’re sending out an autoresponder series on a topic, you’re presumably an expert on that subject. Rather than just providing general information the subscriber can find anywhere, really try to focus on your personal experiences and your true expertise.
  5. Make your sales pitch stronger with each new message—As each new message continues to provide the subscriber with more useful information and more details about the benefits of your product or service, the sales pitch should get stronger and stronger. You may want to include special offers throughout the series to motivate subscribers to take action.


Do you use autoresponders to promote your business? Share your experiences by leaving a comment below.


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