5 More Ways to Collect Email Addresses for Marketing

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An email marketing campaign is only as effective as your list will allow it to be. You can have great offers presented in a clean format, but if you don’t have a good list to send it to, it’s all really for nothing. So before you can get your email marketing campaign rolling, you need to focus on collecting email addresses to build up your list.

Now, I’ve talked a little in the past about building email lists, but today, I want to offer even more ways to help you reach your goals.

  1. Include a signup link in your email signature—If you’re like me, you probably send dozens of emails every single day. This presents a great opportunity to further promote your email list. Include a call to action/signup link in your email signature. This way, every time you send out an email, the recipient will see the signup link for your newsletter. I bet more than a few people will click it.
  2. Promote your newsletter on print marketing materials—It’s easy to get caught up only in online efforts for building up your email list, but offline promotion can be effective too. Place a call to action and a URL on your print marketing materials driving readers to a signup page for your newsletter. You can include this on brochures, flyers, and even on the back of your business cards.
  3. Get emails from your direct mail list—Have a postal list that you send physical mail to? Shoot them an offer that drives them to a landing page and requires their email address before they can access the deal. If the offer is sweet enough, you’ll have a lot of people willing to sign up.
  4. Push your freebies on social media—Giveaways can be a powerful tool for building email lists. But as I recently mentioned, just because you’re offering freebies doesn’t mean people will jump at the opportunity to get them. You need to actively promote your giveaways to get people interested, and one simple way to do this is by pushing them in your social media efforts.
  5. Advertise your newsletter in other newsletters—Have friends in other businesses with email newsletters? See if you can work out a swap where they promote your newsletter and you promote theirs. This cross-promotion is a good way to benefit both businesses, earning you more signups.

I know you all have some interesting tactics you use to collect email addresses. Let’s hear them!

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5 More Ways to Collect Email Addresses for Marketing, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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