23 Email Marketing Rules to Follow

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In this installment of my “23 Rules…” series, I’m tackling email marketing. Below, you’ll find what I believe to be 23 essential rules to effective email marketing. Please add to the list by leaving a comment in the replies.

1. Never, under any circumstances, spam others (learn about the CAN-SPAM Act)

2. Give your readers options for unsubscribing

3. Have a plan. Don’t just randomly send email blasts.

4. Focus on creating benefit-driven subject lines

5. Keep subject lines under 50 characters so they aren’t cut off

6. Avoid using spammy words in your subject lines

7. Tailor your message to the preview pane by placing the most important info up top

8. Track your results (delivery rates, open rates, click throughs, conversions, etc.)

9. Don’t try to do too much within a single email

10. Link to highly-targeted landing pages

11. Don’t email too often as it can upset customers and cause them to ignore you

12. Always deliver on the promise of your subject line

13. Let subscribers update their contact info quickly and easily

14. Use clear, powerful calls to action throughout the email copy

15. Test different subject lines, copy length, and calls to action to find the winning formula

16. Make sure your email copy is easy to scan

17. Keep any images small for fast loading

18. Try to build relationships with your subscribers

19. Don’t buy your email list

20. Don’t sell your email list to others

21. Send confirmation messages when someone subscribes to your email list

22. Your success depends on the quality of your email list

23. Never stop building your email list

Which email marketing rules would you add to this list? Leave a comment with your thoughts.


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23 Email Marketing Rules to Follow, 4.3 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
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