Yet Another Post on Increasing Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

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By now, you probably already know that I love discussing landing pages. From landing page design to the copy, every facet of the process is fascinating to me. In the past, I’ve offered tips for improving conversion rate, and today, I’m going to add to that list.

Below, you’ll find even more tips for increasing the effectiveness of your landing pages and getting more conversions.

• Place a call to action in every screen view—Too many times, the call to action is buried at the bottom of the page after 2000 words of copy. Most visitors never even make it that far, so they never know which action you want them to take. That’s why I recommend placing a call to action in every screen view. That way, no matter where someone is on your landing page, they have a way to take action. Always make sure your call to action is clear and to the point.

• Focus on using testimonials that tie into the benefit you’re discussing—You already know that testimonials go a long way to building your credibility and increasing your conversion rate, but simply slapping up dozens of testimonials isn’t always the most effective strategy. Instead of tossing up any and every testimonial you have, focus on using testimonials that tie into the overall message of your page. For example, if you’re landing page is focused on the benefit that your company offers a quick turnaround for its services, include testimonials from customers praising you for your fast service.

• Don’t offer multiple pricing plans—I understand why companies offer customers different packages and pricing choices, but I don’t think it’s the best idea for a landing page. Too many choices overwhelm visitors, causing them to take no action at all. Simplify your pricing structure, and eliminate all of the different choices from your landing page.

• If you must link, use pop-ups—You can’t expect to convert visitors if you’re constantly sending them away to other pages on your website. Landing pages that are full of links are like a boat that’s full of leaks. If you must include links to other content, use pop-up windows so that visitors don’t leave your main landing page.

• Edit. Edit. Edit.—I’m not saying you have to use short copy on your landing page. In fact, there are many cases where long copy is necessary. However, I am saying that your copy needs to be tight, regardless of its length. Trim the fluff, and eliminate anything that distracts from your main message.

• Don’t be afraid to start over from scratch—We tend to focus on tweaking landing pages to improve conversion rate, but sometimes, you need to go back to the drawing board because your landing page just isn’t working. While it’s a daunting task to start over from scratch, don’t be afraid to do it. A fresh approach could be just what you need to get the conversion rate you’ve always been wanting.

Which tips would you add to this list? Leave a comment with your advice for improving landing page conversion rate.

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Yet Another Post on Increasing Your Landing Page Conversion Rate , 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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