Writing Copy for a Mobile Site

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Just when you finally got the art of writing website copy down, along comes something else new that you have to learn. Thanks to the abundance of smart phones, it has now become important for copywriters to know how to write great content for mobile versions of websites. Make no mistake, mobile web copywriting is different than the typical website copywriting you’ve grown accustomed to.

The main thing to remember is that mobile users are typically even more easily distracted than regular web users, and that’s saying a lot. Not only do they have the standard short attention span of someone browsing the web, but they also have the distractions of incoming phone calls, text messages, push notifications, and much more. Maybe they’re just surfing the web while standing in line or while riding in the car with someone.

What does this mean for you?

It means you need to think like a mobile user. You need to understand why someone would be browsing your website from their cell phone.

In most cases, they’re browsing for reference purposes. They’re looking for specific information. Maybe they’re in a store looking at a similar product and they want to compare it to yours.

This means your copy needs to be tight and focused. You don’t have time to build up to the point. You have to get straight to the meat and potatoes of your sales message. No long intros. No longwinded stories. Get to the point ASAP.

You also have to remember that mobile phones have tiny screens. What might look like just a short paragraph on your computer screen could look like a long narrative on a tiny mobile device, requiring a lot of scrolling. You have to keep this in mind while writing your copy. Figure out how to get the most impactful message across with the least possible amount of scrolling required.

The best way to achieve this is to set a goal for each page on your mobile website. Figure out the main purpose of the page, and cut out everything from your content that doesn’t contribute to that goal.

In short, think like you’re Tweeting or texting. Make it concise, smart, and easy to understand. Waste no words, but don’t forget to include some intrigue that encourages people to keep reading and take action.

What are your best mobile copywriting tips?

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