The 5 Most Common Landing Page Mistakes I Encounter

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As a copywriter, I regularly get clients who want me to critique and rewrite their underperforming landing pages. Having taken on more of these projects than I can remember at this point, I’ve noticed that many people make the same mistakes on their landing pages, causing their conversion rates to plummet.

The good news is that these 5 common landing page mistakes are easy to fix once you recognize them.


  1. Headlines that lack benefits—There are many different elements that go into writing a great headline for a landing page. The headline needs to pique the interest of the reader, be clear and easy to understand, and relate to the ad that brought the visitor to your landing page. But most importantly of all, your headline needs to be benefit-driven. How will your product or service improve the lives of your customers? What needs does it meet? What do you provide that no one else can match? Focus on creating a headline that answers these types of questions.
  2. Conflicting formats—There are many different types of landing pages you can create, from sales letters to upsell landing pages. I’ve noticed that some landing pages try to blend formats, and the result is often an unfocused mess. Figure out a format for your landing page, and stick with it throughout the entire page to keep a consistent style.
  3. Hidden call to action—If you’re trying to get conversions on your landing page, you need to have a prominent call to action. Internet users spend 80% of their time looking at content above the fold. In other words, they don’t like scrolling down the page. That means you need a strong call to action placed above the fold in a spot where visitors can’t miss it.
  4. No strong offer—You have to make your visitors an offer they can’t refuse. Just telling them to fill out a form or sign up for your email list isn’t going to work. You need to have a strong offer, and you need to make it clear why they can’t afford to pass up your offer. Benefits. Benefits. Benefits.
  5. Nothing to establish credibility—Consumers have become increasingly cautious when shopping online. They know the internet is full of shady companies looking to make a quick buck, so it’s your job to earn their trust. Your landing page needs to establish credibility. One way to do this is by including testimonials from satisfied customers. Another thing you can do is to compare your product side-by-side with competing products to show exactly why it’s better.


What are some of the biggest landing page mistakes you’ve seen? Share them by leaving a comment below.

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