The 4 Things You Need to Have in Your Landing Page Copy to Get Leads

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Getting leads from your landing page requires having well-written copy that grabs the visitor’s attention immediately, earns their trust, and motivates them to take action. Over the years, I’ve written more landing pages than I can count, and I’ve learned a lot along the way.

The most important thing I’ve learned is that effective landing page copy typically has 4 essential elements:


  1. Short, benefit-driven headline—The headline is the first thing someone will see when they arrive on your landing page. This is your one and only chance to reel them in. Your headline has to grab the visitor’s attention immediately and entice them to keep reading. It should be short and benefit-driven. I highly recommend testing out different headlines to see which works best.
  2. Clear benefits—How exactly is the visitor going to benefit from using your product or service? What problem does it solve? How does it make their life better? These are the things you need to be pointing out. Don’t get bogged down with the technical features of your product. Focus on the benefits those features produce for the customer. I personally like to highlight the main benefits in a bulleted list so they stand out and are easy for the visitor to quickly scan over.
  3. Trust-building elements—Consumers are more skeptical than ever before, and for good reason—there are lots of shady companies out there on the web. That’s why it’s important that you focus on building trust with your landing page visitors. How can you do this? Include testimonials from satisfied customers; highlight any awards, certifications, or media coverage your company has gotten; offer a strong money-back guarantee that eliminates risk; and be easy to contact.
  4. Powerful call to action—If you want to generate leads, you need to either capture information from visitors who come to your website in some way—whether you have them fill out a contact form, provide their email address in exchange for a free download of an eBook or product demo, call you, or take some other sort of action. The point is that if you want them to take any kind of action, you need to tell them to do so. Have a clear, concise, and powerful call to action that gets the visitor to act now.


Are there any other important elements that need to be in landing page copy? Share your thoughts by commenting below.



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The 4 Things You Need to Have in Your Landing Page Copy to Get Leads, 1.8 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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