7 Copywriting Tips for Getting More Leads

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What’s the difference between a website that generates 1 or 2 leads per week and one that gets 15 or 20? Often times, it boils down to the website’s copy. Make no mistake. The wrong words or a poor tone can drive prospects away to your competition. So, what can you do to make sure that doesn’t happen? You can start by following these copywriting tips.

1.    Use a positive tone—Using positive words instead of negative ones can make all the difference in the world. Here’s an example:

Negative copy: Air cargo shipping is expensive and time-consuming. ABC Shipping, Inc. will help eliminate the headaches of shipping. You’ll minimize your costs and reduce your hassles.

Positive copy:
Maximize your savings! Free up more time to grow your business. ABC Shipping, Inc.’s air cargo shipping services are 100% guaranteed to get your packages to their destination in tact and on time.

Granted, this is a highly oversimplified example, but the point is using negative words can frighten your readers and inadvertently cause them to create a negative association with your business. There’s a reason Staples says “That was easy” rather than “It’s usually difficult. We minimize the hassles.”

2.    Have a personality—With the explosion of social networking, the web has become a very personal space. You need to use these same principles of showcasing your personality on your website. Remember, many of your visitors will have no idea who your company is or what you’re about. To them, you’re a faceless business who might be located across the country. Use copy that captures a conversational tone and creates a distinct personality for your company.

3.    Keep your copy tight—If you can effectively deliver a point in 1 sentence rather than 4, do it. Less is usually more in writing.

4.    Drive the benefits home—Don’t fall into the trap of babbling on and on about how great your company is or how your product is manufactured. Focus on the benefits. That’s all the customer cares about. Let your reader know exactly how they will benefit from using your product, and drive the point home as often as you can.

5.    Be credible—
Avoid gimmicky marketing speak as it makes you sound like you’re trying to pull a fast one. Also, always proofread your copy to make sure there are no typos or unclear sentences.

6.    Read your copy from a buyer’s perspective—If you want readers to become buyers, it only makes sense to write copy that appeals to a buyer’s sensibilities. You need to understand the psychology behind deciding to buy something as well as what buyers truly care about as it relates to your product. Don’t ignore the emotional aspect of buying. Sure, people need facts to justify their purchases, but the decision to click “Buy now” is always an emotional one on some level.

7.    Close with a clear call to action—Of course, if you want to get more leads, you need to make certain your website visitors take action (e.g. sign up for newsletter, register for free consultation, etc.). The only way to be sure this happens is to have a clear call to action that tells your readers exactly what you want them to do. Keep it short and simple.

Does your website follow these copywriting guidelines?

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