5 Things Good Copy Does

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You might think that copywriting is subjective…that there’s no way to deem one piece of copy good and another piece of copy bad. And to an extent, that’s true. But there are some undeniable traits that good copy has. A good piece of copy will always do these 5 things.

  1. Good copy captures the attention of the reader immediately—The average person is bombarded by hundreds, even thousands, of advertisements and marketing messages every single day. Most of these messages are ignored, and it’s your job to find some way to grab their attention. Great copy makes the reader stop and look. It immediately sucks them in and forces them to keep reading.
  2. Good copy is clear—If your copy lacks clarity, it’s never going to get results. Good copy speaks to the audience in a language they can easily understand. It doesn’t contain a bunch of corporate jargon and fluff that confuses the message.
  3. Good copy answers questions—Customers always have questions that arise during the buying process. Good copywriters address these questions and concerns at just the right time, knocking down any objections customers might have.
  4. Good copy builds trust—Today’s consumer is savvy and hesitant to trust any company. It’s your job to earn the trust of your target audience. Good copy builds your credibility and allows you to make customers comfortable with the idea of doing business with you.
  5. Good copy motivates readers to take a specific action—At the end of the copy, you can judge a copy’s worth by the response it gets from your target audience. Good copy motivates readers to take a specific action—buy now, fill out a contact form, call for a free consultation, etc. If your copy doesn’t get people to do something, it’s not doing its job.

What are some other things that good copy does? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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5 Things Good Copy Does, 2.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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