33 Copywriting Tips Found on Twitter

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Who would have thought that some of the best copywriting advice you’ll ever receive could be delivered in 140 characters or less? I’ve come up with a list of 33 killer copywriting tips I’ve found on Twitter. Enjoy.

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1. heatherlloyd: Taking time to put yourself in your target audience’s shoes helps you create copy that’s more targeted and less mechanical

2. charismatickid: If you read your copy out loud and you hear the same keyphrases over and over, it’s time to edit.

3. healymonster: Copywriting tip: Write like you talk. People get sucked into copy that’s easy to read.

4. CopywriterTO: #Copywriting tip: Get your readers’ attention by starting your copy with a compelling story.

5. Mainecopywriter: Copy Tip: Only 10% of your copy gets read. Use subheads to capture attention and draw the reader into the copy.

6. Cbreecopy: Tip: Shorter is not always better. Longer titles are more descriptive and provide better SEO.

7. caseyfleming: #Copywriting tip: Talk about your customers 90% of the time and your company only 10% of the time.

8. CopyByMac: Copywriters: don’t forget to practice writing those headlines and bullets. A simple change to a headline I wrote brought significant changes.

9. companyseo: Copywriting with corporate SEO keywords is one of the best ways to drive qualified leads to your website and convert sales.

10. DGRComms: Copywriting has to be about words that stimulate a response, far from boring yet always professional

11. Copywritings: Copywriting Tip. Starting sentences with But, And is permissible. Advertising copy follows the patterns of speech more than rules of grammar.

12. Copywritings: Copywriting Tip. Write as if you’re speaking to one person

13. Copywritings: Copywriting Tip. Break up your copy with bullet points. Bullets make copy easier to read.

14. JackeeGreen: Copywriting Tip: When Writing A Headline, use AIDA. A=Attention, I=Interest, D=Desire, & A=Action

15. Copysnips: Copywriting Tip: Benefits are reasons to buy at SOME TIME, but if you want them to buy NOW, give them REASONS to do so.

16. Copysnips: Copywriting Tip: We form first impressions of people almost instantly, and the same is true of your copy’s readers.

17. ScottByWater: Copywriting tip: “a writer should always feel like he’s in over his head” Michael Cunningham

18. contentwriteroz : Web Copywriting Tip- Don’t confuse visitors by using various conflicting calls to action on the same page.

19. contentwriteroz :Web Copywriting Tip – Don’t use “click here” or “read more” as link text. Use descriptive link labels for usability & SEO.

20. contentwriteroz : Web Copywriting Tip- Use a professional writing style but a personal and quite casual tone of voice.

21. Contentmakeover: Sales writing tip: Deliver a promise. Show proof. Call for action

22. Contentmakeover: #NLP #Sales #Copywriting Tip: Leave no doubt in your reader’s mind

23. LighthausDesign: Website Copywriting Tip: After writing copy for a page of your site, cut it in half, then cut it in half again. Less is more on the Web.

24. Mainecopywrtr: copywriting tip: make a specific promise in your headline. Then spend the rest of the sales letter proving you can deliver it.

25. Lyricacopy: An adjective phrase beginning a sentence must refer to the subject. So “As a valued customer, we’re offering you…” is incorrect.

26.DMCopywriter: Email copywriting tip: The shorter the subject line, usually the better. Try for 4 to 5 words if possible

27. DMCopywriter: Web page copywriting tip: Let visitors self reflect at your site. Know why they are there firstly

28. SpiritualCopy: Copywriting Tip: Have an awesome product or service… because a great product or service INSPIRES great copy.

29. RobAdvertising: Tip of the day. Have a clear call to action in all your marketing.

30. TopMarketingTip: #Tips – Does your webpage’s headline (preferably H1) describe the problem your customers are having in relation to your solution?

31. farhadkhurshed: #Copywriting Tip: Make a quick transition from your headline to your sales message. Don’t waste time with warm up paragraphs

32. farhadkhurshed: #Copywriting Tip: Be specific with your claims. Superlatives are not credible, concretes invariably are!

33. Prime_Concepts: Copywriting Tip: Use short and long paragraphs for the readers and scanners.

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