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Using Instagram for Your Business

Still trying to figure out if Instagram could be useful for your business? Consider these statistics:   More than 80 million people use Instagram Over 4 billion photos have been uploaded 5 million+ photos are uploaded each day 575 likes … Continue reading

Why are People Unfollowing You on Twitter?

I’ve never been one who believes that the effectiveness of your social media marketing can be measured in the number of Twitter followers you have. When it comes to building a base of followers, I’ll take a lower number of … Continue reading

The Dangers of Outsourcing Your Social Media Activities

If you’re in charge of managing your company’s social media activities—like posting on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, your blog, etc.—you know how time-consuming it all can be. That’s why a lot of companies outsource their social media activities to an … Continue reading

The Case Against Using Pinterest for Business

It seems like everywhere I look I’m seeing articles giving readers a list of reasons that their company needs to on Pinterest. Make no mistake—Pinterest does have a lot to offer…for the right business. The problem I’m noticing is that … Continue reading

How to Get More People to Pin Your Content

Pinterest is a fast-growing social network that can be a powerful tool for promoting your company. Pinterest has been shown to drive more traffic than most social networks, and many companies have already been successful increasing brand awareness and driving … Continue reading