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Five Advanced SEO Tactics

When most people think of SEO, a couple of things come to mind: creating keyword-targeted web content and building up incoming links.  A few years ago – around 2004 when blogs were becoming all the rage – this was sufficient … Continue reading

Peek into the robots.txt files of the Top 25 SEO and IM Blogs

In my last post about 50 simple ways to improve your website, #11 on the checklist was to create a robots.txt file.  I received several e-mails from readers asking what exactly should go inside of a robots.txt file.  Because the … Continue reading

The 6 Types of Linkbait You Need to Know About

Learn about the different types of linkbait and increase your ability to reel in new links Most people lump linkbait into a single category.  However, there are a wide variety of content styles that can be classified as linkbait.  By … Continue reading

Say Hello to Google Suggest

If you haven’t heard of Google Suggest yet, it is time for you to listen up.  At the beginning of last week, Google added a feature to their homepage called Google Suggest.  If you have ever played around in Google … Continue reading

How To Target Primary Keyword Phrases In The Search Engines

When I set out to publish a page on the Internet, I already know well in advanced the primary keyword phrase I am looking to target in the search engines. In this article, my aim is to teach you how … Continue reading