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Are Link Requests Really That Bad?

It’s not hard to understand why link requests have gotten a bad reputation. Whether you receive them as a personal message in a forum, or get them sent directly to your email inbox, anybody who owns a website or is … Continue reading

Have You Heard of Raven SEO Tools

Since you are reading this blog, I would guess that it’s safe to assume that your feed reader is filled with at least a couple of SEO blogs. Because of this, you have probably read about plenty of the SEO … Continue reading

What is a Separate C Class IP?

I’m not writing this as a purely promotional post for SEOHosting (at least not entirely).  But I have seen a lot of confusion out there – especially among new website owners – about the difference between C Class IP web … Continue reading

Why are SiteProNews and DropJack Comment Spamming?

When I was going through the SEO Hosting comments that were being held in moderation, I came across these two gems: Normally, comment spam doesn’t get my attention, but I thought it was strange to receive comment spam from the … Continue reading

Ten Tips from SEO Expert Bruce Clay

Last month, Eric Enge published a lengthy interview with SEO expert Bruce Clay. Not only does Bruce Clay run one of the industry’s largest SEO companies, but he is also well respected within the SEO community. Like most of Eric … Continue reading