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Local Search Engine Optimization Basics – Part 2

Welcome back to our two part (maybe more!) series that talks about simple and essential methods that you can use to start gaining a respectable rank in what’s called the “local” search engine results from Google. You know what I … Continue reading

Local Search Engine Optimization Basics – Part 1

Although local SEO isn’t anything new and revolutionary, it certainly seems to be a very hot trend these days, especially as we breeze through 2008. Many small businesses are realizing the amount of extra business they could have, if only … Continue reading

The Importance of Informative Organic Content

The age of keyword jamming is over. Let’s say in the past you had a site that sells car seat covers. You would be able to jam together a series non-grammatical phrases and that would be enough to fool search … Continue reading

Class C IP Addresses

How SEO Hosting Works

SEO Hosting allows for users to create hosting accounts for their
websites and assign each account an IP address. What is unique to SEO
Hosting is that the IP’s that are assigned to the server, are very diversified.

Why is this important?

Since getting traffic to a website is primarily the most valuable
process of having a web site, and search engines are the source of most
of this traffic, people generally like to find out the best ways to
optimize their web sites to rank in the top listings of search engine

Tweaking and optimizing a web site to rank well in the search engines is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

A common belief among SEO gurus is that search engines will penalize web sites when there are too many sites with similar content on the same IP address.

Nobody knows the exact search engine algorithm that is used to determine a web sites rank in listings, but people have reported success when they place each website on its own IP, and even more importantly each IP will be on a different class C block. Continue reading