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50 Simple Tips for Improving Your Website

This checklist provides 50 simple ways for you to make your website even better! 1. Use .htaccess to redirect the non-www version of your website to the www version. 2. Extend the registration of your domain for at least five … Continue reading

Hiring a Search Engine Marketer with the Right Hat

Does your search engine marketer wear a white hat or a black hat?  If you’re outsourcing optimization to a private firm, you’ve got to be very certain that the marketer used optimization techniques you find ethical.  If you hire a … Continue reading

What to Do If You’re Red-Flagged

We’ve written a lot here about how to effectively run a website or what NOT to do to avoid being red-flagged by Google.  What about if you are red-flagged by Google or other search engine?  The answer: your doomed.  Entry … Continue reading

Does Your SEO Provider Have a Conflict of Interest?

Whenever you hire an SEO provider, you do so with the hopes they can help implement strategies to improve your ranking in the search engines. You assume the SEO supplier is devoted to building your online presence, but have you … Continue reading

When Matt Cutts Talks, You Should Listen

If you are new to world of search engine optimization and haven’t heard of the name Matt Cutts, it’s a name you should get to know very well. Matt works for Google’s quality group, and over the last few years, … Continue reading