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Link Building SEO Software For Mac

So you’re a Mac user and just like everyone else, you’re probably looking for a quick, easy, and painless way to increase and build links to your website. Before now, finding link building and SEO software for the Mac has … Continue reading

Some Newspapers Get It, And Some Still Don’t

(image from desperate-bid) In the middle of August, I wrote a post about the AP’s new SEO strategy. Although they were very optimistic and excited about their plan, because it involved creating automatically generated pages, the plan attracted plenty of … Continue reading

What Do You Think of the New AP SEO Strategy?

(image from amanda cee) If you have been following any Internet news lately, then you know the AP has been making a lot of headlines in regards to their stance on copyright issues. However, today I would like to talk … Continue reading

My Experience with Taking a Post Viral

This week I had a fairly fascinating internet experience, in that a post of mine went viral.  I cannot be certain of how the post spread through the web, but I believe it started with Twitter.  I run a book-related … Continue reading

Should Monetization Be Part of SEO?

Maybe that blog title is a no brainer and the answer should be yes.  But there are a fair number of SEO services out that promise only rankings, not necessarily if the ranking will actually convert into sales.  And there’s … Continue reading